Deploy Seafile on Your Own Server

Products Price Note
Community Edition Free & Open Source Go to the downloads page
Professional Edition and Support See the section below The pro edition runs on Linux platform only

Pricing of Pro Edition license (annual subscription)

Number of users Price /Year (USD/EUR) Price for Educational /Year (USD/EUR)
3 users Free Free
9 users $100 in Total $100 in Total
From 10 to 249 $48 /User (€44) $24 /User (€22)
From 250 to 499 $44 /User (€40) $22 /User (€20)
From 500 to 749 $40 /User (€35) $18 /User (€16)
From 750 to 999 $35 /User (€30) $16 /User (€14)
1000+ Contact us Contact us

Note: $100 in total for 9 users is a special offer for small businesses. We also give 25% discount to public institutions.

Examples of the price calucation: if you have 15 users, the price is $48 * 15 = $720/year. If you have 250 users, the price is $44 * 250 = $11000/year.


Basic email support is included in the pro license fee (excluding the 9 users special license).

We have two service levels: critical and non-critical. Critical issues and non-critical will be handled differently. Phone, screen shares and conference calls are included in paid support plan.

Item Critical Non-Critical Price/Year Email Screen Shares
Basic -- -- --
8/5 4 business hours 1 business day 2500$
12/5 4 business hours 1 business day 6000$
24/7 4 business hours 1 business day 20000$

If you don't need a yearly prepaid support plan, we offer screen share and remote login support at 120 USD/hour. The support will be done by our core developers. For emergent issue, we can also work in out-of-office hours at 180 USD/hour.

If you need a local support, you can contact our partners.

How to order

You can get pro edition free for 3 users by register an account in our customer center. Note, you don't need a license file to run the pro edition for 3 users.

If you want to try pro edition with more users before buying, you can

  1. Send an Email to, including your organization name and number of users.
  2. We will send you the program and a trial license for 3 weeks (or more if needed).
  3. When you are ready to buy, you can ask us to send you an invoice manually. You pay us either by PayPal or bank transfer.

If you need a local reseller/support in Germany or other countries, please check our partners page.

Feature List

Category Feature Community Edition Professional Edition
File Share/Sync Multi-platform File Sync
Mobile Clients
Virtual Drive Clients
Share libraries with Groups/Users
Version Control
Public Link
Selective Sync sub-folder
File locking
Fine-grained folder permission
Doc/PPT/Excel Online Preview
User Management Authenticate against LDAP/AD
Syncing LDAP/AD Users and Groups
Single Sign On with ADFS
Single Sign On with Shibboleth
Role based Account Management
Audit & Security Remote Wipe
Two factor authentication
Audit Log
Antivirus Integration
Platform & Integration WebDAV/FUSE
Full text file search
Microsoft Office Online Server Integration
Online GC